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Two Steps To Lose Weight, Supported By Science

Although each body is different and there are multiple ways to lower excess fat, we tell you two simple steps that can help you take care of yourself without starving yourself in the attempt:

  1. Reduce Your Consumption Of Sugar And Carbohydrates:

This causes the levels of insulin in the blood to decrease, causing the kidneys to eliminate excess sodium and water so that you will be less bloated. Also, eliminating sugar eventually makes your appetite regulated, making you eat only what is necessary.

  1. Add Proteins, Fats, And Many Vegetables To Your Diet:

Experts advise to include one source of protein, one fat and another vegetable in each meal.


Consuming protein can help eliminate anxiety and cravings. Some examples of protein are meat, eggs, chicken, pork, fish, and seafood.


Although in general, they all provide a high content of vitamins and beneficial properties for the body, it is advisable to consume vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and lettuce, as well as tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, squash, and mushrooms.

Natural Fats:

Although these should be consumed with the measure, you can add to your dishes a little olive oil to season, almonds as a snack and accompany your salad with avocado.