I am super excited to see how wellness and awareness for our health grow year after year. We pay more attention every time we make the purchase, what we eat, the importance of exercise and other health issues. Real food, cosmetics free of animal cruelty and being able to have a more environmentally friendly life is easier than ever.

Good Bacteria And Much More For Our Intestinal Health

We already know about the importance of maintaining the balance of good and bad bacteria in our intestines, on probiotics and prebiotics. This year we will learn about the benefits of intestinal fungi and its positive side, despite its bad reputation (especially for candidiasis).

Natural Cosmetics

Consumers are already interested in knowing where the foods we consume and what they contain exactly come from. Well, this year we go further, and it is the turn of natural cosmetics. Promoting the transparency of the ingredients and prohibiting certain chemicals will be one of the objectives in 2018.

There are small natural brands that have already gained a place in the market with products more in tune with nature. This year, it will be the big companies that take center stage and those that will adapt to the new demand from customers.